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Tracking and Monitoring Software for all Nokia Phones

To track the whereabouts and activity of a mobile phone, you can now use a tiny piece of software which, when installed on the handset to be controlled, turns it into a GPS tracker. This software is our Spy Phone software.

If you wish to track the movements of a person like an unfaithful spouse or a colleague or partner who might be passing information to competitors, you do not necessarily have to invest huge sums by hiring an investigation agency or a detective.

In cases like this, technology lends you a hand, allowing you to maintain a 24/7 monitoring on the subject, even outside your country. In fact, this software can work anywhere as it supports all language protocols and can automatically retrieve the settings of the network it is working on.

The best part of it all is that this spy software does not require you to be near, in order to work, as it can be operated remotely, allowing you to carry out your monitoring in total security and privacy, even on the other side of the world!
All you need to do is send an SMS with a particular instruction code, which will not show up on the user’s display but will instead be interpreted as a command, enabling or disabling the phone’s functions and features.

By using SMS commands, you would also save money. In fact, unlike most of the other similar products on the market, this software does not require a constant Internet connection to transfer information to you. You would also save on privacy, as no sensitive data is stored on a third-party server.

Looking into the features of our spy software, its main capability is informing you, with a real-time SMS, as soon as the phone starts a conversation (either when making or receiving a call). When a conversation starts, a secret SMS is sent to your predefined number. At this point, you can call the spy phone, and you will discreetly be connected to the conversation, while the two parties will be unaware of your presence.

This is similar to a conference call, with the advantage of privacy! And on top of that, you can see the number of the person who is talking to your target.
In order to use this function at its best, you may have to change the conference call settings on the target phone.

Also, when your target thinks that he can be safe from harm by changing the SIM card on his phone, not only you will still be able to listen to him, but you will also receive an SMS notifying you that the card has just been changed, and you will be able to see the new number.

One of the most effective functions, especially in cases where evidence gathering is important, is the one that allows your phone to work just like a GPS tracker. All that you need is sending the usual SMS, and within a short time you will receive a full report displaying location information of your phone, not only with longitude and latitude but also with the cell ID and the name of the network being used.
Once you have this information, all you need is an Internet connection and a site like Google Earth or similar, and you can track the target down, up to his exact location!

And if you think that sensitive information is being exchanged via SMS, you can now monitor the target’s SMS activity, by receiving copies of each and every message, both incoming and outgoing. Naturally, while you can see all his SMS activity, the phone user will be completely unaware, as all SMS forwarded to you would not be shown in the Sent Messages list.

And if you want to achieve a total control on the person you wish to monitor, the best results can be obtained by another function, which allows you to listen to all conversations around the Spy Phone. This function can be activated even when the phone is off, and by using the microphone as a bug, it discreetly picks up any sounds around it. While doing this, the spy phone would secretly call you, without giving out any visible sign of operation, and you would listen in real time, just like being there!

By teaming all these functions up, you have a full electronic surveillance package in your hands, which can help you to obtain complete control on your target!

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This spy phone is based on a Nokia N97 model but with additional features that allow it to work like a real Spy Phone.
The most interesting feature is the one which, via a secretly installed software that is not visible to the end user, allows you to store the number of a so-called "Monitoring user Phone", that is, a number which can have secret access to the Spy Phone. For example, when the Monitoring phone calls on this phone, the software would recognize the call and handle it as a "secret" incoming call, not displaying any visible information and entering automatically into Spy mode, thus enabling you to listen to all conversations taking place around the phone itself, which will basically work like a real bug.



Not only this nokia N96 spy phone can allow you to listen to conversations around it like an environmental bug, without showing any sign of activity. It also can work like a normal phone, so that the person under surveillance will feel more free to talk... and reveal his secrets! And no one would be able to find out, as the software is deeply embedded into the phone's hardware.
And thanks to our expertise in this field, our Spy software can be discreetly installed on many other Panasonic or Samsung phones, as well as many other Nokia models, and can be used with any SIM card worldwide.

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Before purchasing our equipment, please make sure that the usage of such devices is legal in your country or jurisdiction.

WARNING: The use of surveillance technology, eavesdropping, interception or recording of conversations, without an explicit approval from the persons involved, may not be legal in your jurisdiction or country. Please make sure that all applicable laws allow you to use such devices before purchasing them.

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