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How to know if your husband is cheating, with the aid of a spy phone?

Let's face it, ladies: we all may get there sooner or later, like it or not.
During the course of a lifetime and of a relationship, the time may come when you start doubting your husband's trustworthiness, and ask yourself the age-old question that no girl wants to ask herself: "Is he cheating on me?".

In my specific case, this did not happen yet, at least to the best of my knowledge ? And I will not bother you with the age-old answer that generally goes together with the age-old question, that is: "I am 1000% sure that he has no one else"!

It's just that I am not the most of jealous of girls, and well, I understand that for the cheating guys out there this might sound like good news… but if you guys keep reading, you will understand that you'd better not give it a shot, believe me!

Unfortunately though, something like this may be happening to my best girlfriend S, and I got to know it a few months ago when, on one of our typical "girls only" nights out, she confessed that, after noticing a few potential signs of infidelity, she bought her husband a new "present": a spyphone.

Although I certainly cannot call myself a techie (it's a job for guys!), I have a rough idea of what mobile phone tapping is, and I occasionally have heard and read about such kind of cell phone spy gear, but honestly speaking, phone surveillance is not one of my favourite subjects, it is one of those subjects that can get me bored after half a page.

In any case, as I said, at least I can grasp the generic concept of what S was talking about, so I got interested not only in my friend's heartaches, but also in a little bit of details… you never know, it might turn out useful some day, guys beware!

Basically, what S bought for her supposedly cheating husband is just a standard cellphone, with an extra hidden feature: an embedded cell phone spyware, which allows a third party (that is, YOU) to perform a real spy monitoring on the subject's activities, by transferring phone conversations to a so called "master phone number", that is, the number from which this spy software can be controlled (that is, YOUR number)..

This remote spying software is discreetly installed into the phone and is completely invisible, and would notify you by SMS when the supposedly cheating man is engaged in a conversation. At this point, with a phone call, you can join the conversation and secretly listen to what the cheating spouse is saying.

It can also send you copies of all SMS messages, both incoming and outgoing, and can be programmed remotely, so you would not have to be near your unfaithful boyfriend to set it up… in short, this software allows you to spy on a cell phone by SMS!

Let's make it a bit clearer for non techie ladies: there is a little hidden piece of software in this phone, which, when your cheating boyfriend or husband places or receives a call, would send you an SMS and promptly inform you of what's going on, and it even gives you the chance to listen to the conversation in real time… juicy, huh?

So if you always wondered how to read someone's text messages without being noticed (we know, curiosity is female…), with such a gadget you would just have to sit back and wait for his messages to come straight to your phone… perfect if you want to find out if your husband is cheating, but are too lazy or busy to do it!

And on top of all these interesting functions, this remote spy software can allow your normal cell phone to spy on the target, even while it is turned off! And when your cheating spouse thinks that he is safe just because the phone is turned off, that's exactly when this spy phone would provide the best performance, listening to any conversation around it and acting like a real bug.

I will not share details of how S's story ended, but what I can say is that she feels much more relieved now, with her faithful spy tool that allows her to spend more time with me and our girlfriends, without having to worry if he is REALLY at the gym or in the office!

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