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How Spyphone Works

If you wish to keep someone under control, but are concerned with high costs of detective agencies, a solution that would allow you to optimize in terms of cost and effectiveness is a Spy Phone, a device that at a first glance looks like a normal cellphone, but carries deep inside a software that turns you into a secret agent.

To find out how this is possible, just follow us for a while and read this page, you will discover interesting information that will help you become familiar with the Spy Phone and its world of possibilities. Let’s start with a glossary of terms.

Target: the subject you are monitoring, be it a wife, a business partner or an employee. This person will be the actual user of the Spy Phone, which is a normal cellphone featuring an embedded software that allows you to spy on the target. Usually, the target would receive the Spy Phone as a present, and will be encouraged to use it, without knowing that by doing this he is placing himself under surveillance 24 hours a day, even when the handset is switched off or the GSM SIM card is replaced!

The so-called Monitoring phone, as the name goes, is the handset which remotely controls and monitors the Spy Phone usage. This takes place via SMS, from any cellphone, without particular software requirements.
When sending SMS to the Spy Phone, the software would process these messages (if written in a particular format) as instructions, without displaying them on the phone screen. From this phone you can secretly listen to all phone calls, and on it you will receive copies lf all messages.

As explained above, the messages must be written in a particular format to be considered as commands. This means that you would have to add to the message body a so called predefined number, which, similar to a PIN code, would give access to hidden functions, therefore enabling, configuring or disabling them.

The comfortable thing about the Spy Phone is that you can remotely change its setup and configuration by SMS, after an initial setup. This must be performed before the target person receives the phone, and all future changes can be carried out easily and remotely via SMS. By entering a code, which is uniquely associated to a feature or function, you can switch the feature on or off, or you can even disable the whole Spy software.

Out of its many functions, the most popular is certainly the call listening feature, which allows you to listen in real time to any outgoing or incoming calls. While you are comfortably fat from the target, the Spy Phone will send you an SMS to inform you that a call is taking place. This SMS also shows you the number of the other person involved in this conversation, and at this point you can choose to be secretly connected and listen in real time.

And not only you can listen to phone calls, you can also hear sounds AROUND the SpyPhone, which in this case would be acting like a real miniaturized bug, while showing no sign or light that might reveal its activity, and allowing you to listen to all sounds within 5 or more meters. This can even happen with the phone switched off, just when the person thinks that no one can disturb him!

As already mentioned, you can receive, while you are comfortably on your phone, a copy of all SMS messages, both incoming and outgoing, including those sent from an online source like a free SMS website.
Another very interesting feature, which turns the Spy Phone into a complete all-in-one surveillance tool, is GPS Tracking. This function is working only on phones which are connected to a GPS positioning system, and by sending 8a usual) an SMS, you would swiftly receive in return a message with geographical location (latitude and longitude), network in use and the identifier of the cell where the phone is located.
After this, with a simple tool such as Google Earth or similar, you can just enter the geographical data to retrieve the actual location of your target.

The Spy Phone can even be set to send automatic updates of its GPS position every few minutes, every hour or so.

Other smaller interesting utilities included into the SpyPhone are those which will notofy you when the SIM card on your phone is replaced, the number is changed, or when the phone is either switched off or on.

The best part of all these interesting features which allow to take control of someone’s activities, is that the software is installed in a completely invisible way, so that even the most experienced user would not be able to find out that someone is actually spying on him and listening to all his calls!
This means that he would act as freely as usual, revealing all his secrets to you thanks to yor Spy Phone!

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The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.


WARNING! Using surveillance devices, intercepting and/or recording audio conversations, without the consent of all the parties involved might be illegal in your country. Check local laws before using our spyphones.

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