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How to protect your kids from bullies? With a Spy Phone!

Having children is the most beautiful thing on Earth, and the love for our kids grows day by day with them.
What also grows, though, is the number of potential threats and dangers that they might encounter.

For example, one of my friends has a teenage kid, generally a very soft-spoken boy, quiet and responsible: every parent's perfect son, I would say.
A few months ago, my friend noticed that with increasing frequency, on his return from school, the boy was silent and with a frowned expression.

After a few times, the father asked the boy if anything was wrong, but In return he got a quick "Everything's alright" before the boy disappeared in his room. This happened a few times, and a couple of times my friend's son was on the verge of tears, but would still say that everything was OK.

Fearing that something could be wrong, my friend went to school and managed to speak to a couple of teachers, who said that his kid was probably being bullied and molested by an older pupil in his class, but there was no evidence, as this was mostly happening when the teachers were out of sight.

Fortunately, my friend is some sort of technology geek, and in order to gather as much evidence as possible against the classroom bully, he bought his kid a little new "present": a spyphone.

Personally, I have a rough idea of what mobile phone spying is, and I occasionally have heard and read about such kind of cell phone spy gear, but I never got too much involved with phone surveillance and all that goes with it, so I raised one eyebrow and listened carefully to the details he gave me:

Basically, what my friend bought for his harassed teenage kid is just a standard cellphone, with some interesting secret features.
The core of the system consists of an embedded cell phone spyware, that is, a preinstalled software which operates discreetly and invisibly, and allows a third party monitoring on the subject's activities, by relaying phone conversations to a so called "monitoring phone number", that is, the number from which this spy software can be controlled.

What happens is that when the target is engaged in a conversation, an SMS is secretly sent to the Monitoring Phone number. When you receive this SMS, you can choose whether you want to join the conversation and secretly listen to it, or not. Not only, whenever the subject sends or receives an SMS, a copy is sent to you. The good thing about it is that it can be programmed remotely, so you would not have to have the phone on you to set it up. In short, you can spy on a cell phone by SMS.

But the function which makes it perfect to keep eyes (and ears) on an harassed teen is that this remote spy software can allow you to listen not only to the phone calls it makes, but also to the conversations around it, even while it is turned off!
It is indeed acting like a real bug: the software would secretly use the phone's microphone to capture sounds around it, and transmit them to you. So if something is happening to your kid, you can listen to it in real time and take the necessary measures.

Of course my friend's son does not know that he is under surveillance, as this would spoil the entire security operation, but the most important thing is that his father now knows that he is a lot safer, with the aid of a spy phone which will help protect him from any harassment!

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