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Spy phone, the perfect tool to make sure that your business partners are really YOUR partners!

Most of the small businesses start up as a friends' thing, and when they get bigger, the relation between partners may deteriorate, especially in difficult times such as these, where so many companies, no matter how big or small, are affected by the worldwide financial crisis. And the reason why two friends and partners can turn into enemies is always the same: greed

I have a friend who is running a small IT firm, which started exactly like that: two high school mates with a passion for technology decided to put their savings together, started in a garage and now moved to a posh commercial district, we all heard stories like these.

The problem is that lately, his longtime friend and partner does not seem to be as involved in the firm as he was before, and since this behavior started, figures started to go down, and when a couple of big customers cancelled their contracts overnight, my friend started to suspect that his partner could have something to hide, and decided to find out what could be wrong. In order to do so, on his partner's birthday he bought him a special "present": a spyphone.

Being some sort of techie myself, I know what you mean when talking about mobile phone monitoring, and I have heard and read about such kind of remote spy phone software, which allows a third party (that is, YOU) to carry out spy monitoring on the subject's activities, by transferring phone conversations to a "master phone", that is, the phone that controls the spy cellular.

This remote spying software is completely invisible, and would promptly inform you by SMS when the supposedly cheating partner is engaged in a conversation. When you receive this notification, you can call the number under surveillance, and either join the conversation or secretly listen to it.
It can also send you copies of all SMS messages, both incoming and outgoing, and can be programmed remotely, so that you do not have to be physically near the phone in order to set it up or check the message history. To make it short, you can spy on a cell phone by SMS!

Ever wondered how to read someone's text messages without being noticed? With such a tool you would just have to sit back and wait for his messages to come straight to your phone, and you will have both information and privacy!

Another very interesting feature of this remote spy software is the one that can allow you to spy on your unfaithful partner in business, even while the phone is turned off! And when your target thinks he is safe just because the phone is turned off, that's exactly when the spy phone would provide the best performance, eavesdropping like a real bug.

My friend is now much happier about life in the office, and those big contracts are still active… also thanks to his faithful spy tool that allows him to know that his trust is well placed!

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The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.


WARNING! Using surveillance devices, intercepting and/or recording audio conversations, without the consent of all the parties involved might be illegal in your country. Check local laws before using our spyphones.

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