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Spyphones Software Features

Spy phone Software Features

Room Monitor: Picks up sounds around the telephone.
Call Interceptor: Allows you to listen to all calls, both incoming and outgoing, and displays the third party’s telephone number.
SMS Forwarding: Allows you to receive a copy of any SMS, sent or received, even from Web-based SMS utilities.
Call Log: Sends you a report with a list of all calls, both received and outgoing.
SMS on Boot: Notifies you by SMS when the phone is turned on, or when a new SIM card is inserted in the phone.
GPS Tracking: Gives you geographical coordinates (longitude and latitude). Works on all phones that support GPS positioning system.
Restart: Used to reboot the Spy Phone software, with a simple SMS command.
Status Reporting: Sends you a list of all the Spy Phone features, with their current status (active/inactive).
Phone dead: Allows you to pick up sounds, just like a bug, when the handset is turned off.
Call and SMS Security Encryption : All communications, both audio and SMS, are encrypted at 256 bit, for maximum privacy (100% software).

Fax: +39 080 40731187
Management: +39 080 3026530

The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.


WARNING! Using surveillance devices, intercepting and/or recording audio conversations, without the consent of all the parties involved might be illegal in your country. Check local laws before using our spyphones.

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