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Spyphones User Manual

When calling the Spy Phone from your Monitoring number, it will answer invisibly, without ringing or flashing lights. Furthermore, your call would not be recorded in the activity log.

The Interceptor function allows you to call the Spy Phone while a call (either outgoing or incoming) is taking place, and be secretly connected to it. If the phone is not engaged in a conversation, it will answer your call discreetly, and will work like a bug allowing you to listen to any conversations going on around it. Both functions would notify you via SMS when a call is placed or received by the Spy Phone.

SMS forwarding is a function that allows you to intercept all SMS messages, both sent and received, and have a copy automatically (and discreetly) sent to your preset number.
When doing this, no visible sign of activity will be displayed on the screen. Even if the forwarded SMS does not go through (for example due to low credit or bad network connection), the relevant error message would NOT be visible to the user.

With this function, you will be able to receive a report with geographical location of the Spy Phone. All you need to do is send a text message to the Spy Phone, with the relevant code, and you will shortly receive a message with longitude/latitude details, network operator and cell ID.
You can also set up the Spy Phone to send this kind of report at regular intervals.

With this feature, you can call the Spy Phone from your preset number, even while it is turned off, and secretly listen to any conversations in the room, up to 5 meters away from the phone.
When the Spy Phone is turned off, the software would keep the network connection still active and operating in background. Basically, the phone is off but the network is still active, and this allows us to be able to get in touch with the phone, which will use its microphone as a bug which captures sounds and relays them to the caller.



Intercepted Call
Any calls, both outgoing and incoming, taking place on the target phone, that can be listened to from the preset number.

Room Monitor Call
Calls placed by the preset number, which allow you to listen to any sounds around the spy phone.

Intercepted SMS
Message (both incoming and outgoing) received by the Spy Phone. A copy of each message is discreetly sent to the preset number.

Configuration an SMS
Message sent from the preset number to the Spy Phone. This message must contain a command string, which will be interpreted by the spy phone as a configuration instruction.

Target User
User of the Spy Phone, the person you wish to keep under surveillance.

Target Phone
The phone on which the Spy Software is installed.

Monitoring User
The person who is using the phone which remotely controls the Spy Phone functions.

Monitoring User
The person who is using the phone which remotely controls the Spy Phone functions.

Predefined Number or Preset number
The number which controls the Spy Phone software operations, and which can call the Spy Phone discreetly, listening to all its calls and receiving all SMS messages.

Active State
When active, the Target Phone is ready to receive instructions and calls from the preset number.

Inactive State
When inactive, the Target Phone can receive instructions by SMS, but is unable to receive secret calls from the preset number. When in this status, any phone calls received from the Preset number will be handled just like normal calls.

Secret Code
When sending Configuration SMS messages, make sure that you enter this alphanumeric 9-digit code, and your commands will be recognized.

Phone Dead
Allows you to listen to conversations around the phone, while the handset is turned off.

Phone Switched Off
Message sent from the network provider, which will show the phone as turned off when receiving calls from any number except the Preset number. This allows you to still be able to listen to calls while the phone is off.

On Boot SMS
A status message, which is sent automatically to the preset Phone when the Spy Phone is switched on. By default, this message is sent automatically each time.

On Call SMS
When the Target Phone is engaged in a conversation, this message is sent to the preset number, informing him of the call, and also displaying the number of the other party.

Switch Off Number
This number (or SIM) is purchased is always switched off. Ref. Phone Dead Setup.

Fax: +39 080 40731187
Management: +39 080 3026530

The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.


WARNING! Using surveillance devices, intercepting and/or recording audio conversations, without the consent of all the parties involved might be illegal in your country. Check local laws before using our spyphones.

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